Connecting to Public Benefit and Housing Resources

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Benefit Tools

The Benefit Plus Learning Center's popular "Benefit Tools" is the solution for the social service professional looking for quick links to many useful resources on public benefits and housing resources. Click on any of the links below to go to a particular benefit tool.  Clients may also access these resources.

Resources for New Yorkers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Forms and links to advocacy materials related to public benefit and housing programs.

Links to government websites where you can download benefit applications.

An eligibility screening chart of over 80 different benefit/housing programs with a brief description, qualifying factors and government websites for each of these benefits.

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An online tool to determine whether a household is income eligible for SNAP and the potential amount of SNAP benefits a household may be eligible for.

A listing of primary and secondary documents needed to apply for Cash Assistance, SNAP, Medicaid and Social Security programs.

Current federal poverty levels by household size and varying percentages of the FPL.

Charts providing income guidelines for several benefit programs in NYS.

Links to government online manuals, which include eligibility criteria, regulations and procedures for different benefit/housing programs.

Resources for Health Benefit Programs

Apartment and housing resources, including apartment lotteries, listings, resources for special population groups, eviction prevention, tenants’ rights and more.

Documentation guidelines, benefit eligibility charts, and other resources for the immigrant community.

Links to online screening tools and resources on a variety of benefit and housing programs.