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COVID-19: Additional Resources

COVID-19: Vaccine

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The COVID-19 vaccine is now available to certain groups. The NYC Vaccine Command Center is coordinating distribution of the vaccine in New York City, in addition to providing support for providers and vaccination sites. -

For the most recent news on COVID-19 in NYC visit: The webpage also includes information on vaccine locations, making appointments, proof of eligibility, side effects, defining mRNA vaccines, additional resources and more.

Approved Vaccines

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved emergency use of COVID-19 vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. Both vaccines have about a 95% efficacy rate at preventing symptoms and decreasing severe COVID-19 infection. Each vaccine has shown minor-to-moderate side effects, such as fever, soreness at the injection site, body aches, fatigue, and headache.

These vaccines work by creating an immune response within the body for a virus that is not present in the body. To learn more about how these vaccines work visit: While the vaccine will work for most people, it will not work for everyone and currently the medical profession does not know how long the protection will last.


For information regarding the safety of the vaccines, visit:

Eligibility for the Vaccine

Vaccines will likely not be widely available to the general public until mid-2021. Current information on who is eligible to qualify for the vaccination is found at Phased Distribution of the Vaccine:

NYC also maintains a website on vaccine eligibility:

To determine eligibility and to schedule an appointment throughout NYC complete the Am I Eligible App or call the Vaccination Hotline at 877-829-4692).


The vaccines have not yet been studied in children younger than 16 and will not be available to that age group until more information is available. Pregnant women and breast-feeding women were not included in the trial. It is recommended that these women make decisions based on a discussion between themselves and their physician.

Vaccination Location Sites


Vaccines are available at pharmacies, hospitals and through local health departments statewide. Individuals may contact the provider of choice to schedule their vaccine appointment. Individuals may visit NYS’ website at for more information. To determine eligibility and to schedule an appointment at a New York State-run site only, individuals should use the Am I Eligible app). Individuals may also call the NYS COVID-19 Hotline to schedule an appointment at 833-697-4829.

Due to limited supply of the COVID vaccine from the federal government, the State has reported that it could take up to 14 weeks for eligible New Yorkers to schedule their vaccine shot.


Locations of sites offering the vaccine:

For information on how to prepare for the vaccination visit:


Appointments are required for vaccinations.

Individuals will be required to complete the NYS COVID-19 Vaccine Form found at to receive the vaccination. This form can be completed online or at the vaccination site. Individuals must provide proof of eligibility.

  • People who are eligible based on their employment must attest that their job requires them to have in-person contact with members of the public or with co-workers, or that they are unable to work remotely.
  • They must also have proof of employment in New York, such as an employee ID card, a letter from their employer or affiliated organization, or a recent pay stub (depending on your specific priority status).
  • Those who are eligible for a vaccine based on age must show proof of age and New York residency, such as New York State driver’s license, IDNYC, passport, mail (residency), rent statement (residency) or birth certificate (age).

The NYC Vaccine Command Center

The NYC Vaccine Command Center is located at 253 Broadway and led by Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services and Department of Health Commissioner. The Command Center provides rapid response and real-time troubleshooting to hospitals, urgent care centers, private pharmacies, and other vaccine distribution sites.

The Command Center also tracks metrics on vaccine coverage. Test & Trace Corps and Department of Health outreach teams will be deployed from the Center and coordinate with elected officials and community leaders for vaccine drives.

The NYC COVID-19 Vaccination Plan is available at: