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Access-A-Ride (AAR) is the NYC paratransit service for people with disabilities who are unable to use the public transportation system. MTA has made changes to AAR services and processes as a result of COVID-19.

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Changes to Access-A-Ride (AAR)

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has made the following changes to AAR service and processes:

  • Shared rides are no longer being scheduled, although a personal care aide or a guest are permitted.
  • Customers should limit travel on AAR for necessary travel.
  • AAR operators are currently not collecting fares to maintain social distancing for AAR bus operators and customers.
  • Until further notice, eligibility is being extended for current customers whose eligibility will soon expire.
  • New applicants can call 877-337-2017 to apply.
    • AAR assessment centers are currently closed.
    • However, new applicants with clearly demonstrated needs, such as dialysis, chemotherapy or emergency surgeries, are being granted interim eligibility until an assessment can be scheduled.


Center for Independence of the Disabled

Provides information and assistance with the application/recertification, eligibility screening, screens for eligibility; as well as providing information and assistance with denials, appeals, and issues with service.