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COVID-19: Protocols

COVID-19: NYC Services

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Find links to New York City agency service suspension and reductions, portal to self-report COVID-19 information, and hotel program for eligible New Yorkers who cannot isolate in their home.

NYC Agency Service Suspensions and Reductions

For the latest information on NYC’s agency service suspensions and reductions visit:

NYC’s COVID-19 Engagement Portal

A portal that allows New Yorkers to self-report COVID-19 information allowing NYC to better communicate with affected people and identify areas that may need a greater response. All inputs are confidential.

To access the portal, call 311 or visit:

NYC’s COVID-19 Hotel Program

The NYC COVID-19 Hotel Program (or “Take Care Hotels) provides free hotel stays to eligible New Yorkers (healthcare workers and volunteers, and patients of certain healthcare providers) who cannot isolate in their home.

For more information, visit

NYC’s COVID-19 Data Page

The NYC Health Department’s COVID-19 website delivers an interactive page providing the City’s most up to date Coronavirus data. Go to: