Navigating Benefits Plus

Search Engine



Once you have logged into Benefits Plus, the Search Engine is found on the right hand side of your screen, directly above the Table of Contents.  The search engine allows you to browse Benefits Plus using keywords to pin point exactly what you are looking for.

Search Tip: If your search is yielding extraneous results, try surrounding search terms with quotes to match exact phrases.

Table of Contents

There are 9 different sections in Benefits  Plus.  Each of these sections contain chapters, which are the benefit programs, housing programs or services related to that section.  When you click on the red box next to the name of the section it will expand and reveal the chapters listed in that section.














Each chapter has primary, secondary and tertiary headings, in addition a chapter may occasionally have a fourth level of heading.  The table of contents will only reveal the primary and secondary headings.  

The example below shows the Medicaid chapter, and the primary and secondary headings in that chapter.









When you are in the chapter, you will note that every primary heading is listed on the top of each page in the chapter, the secondary heading is bolded, the tertiary heading is italicized, and the fourth level.


We recommend you click on the red box next to the chapter name or the primary heading.  When you click on the red box next to the chapter name, it will open up to reveal all the primary headings in that section. Same with the primary heading, if you click on the red box next to the primary heading, it will open up to reveal all the secondary headings.  Otherwise, if you click on the title names of the chapter or primary headings it will  bring you to the first page.

Navigation Tools

Previous Section/ Next Section Tabs

When you come to the end of a section within a chapter (a primary header) you will find two links:  the Previous Section and Next Section.  You can use these links, instead of the Table of Contents, to navigate to the next or previous section of the chapter.

Chapter Index

Once you are logged in, if you are unsure where a chapter is located within the 9 different sections of Benefits Plus, you can click on the Chapter Index tab located on the top right hand side of the web-page.  Here you will find an alphabetical listing of all the chapters within Benefits Plus.  You can click on the chapter you want to view and it will open up to the Overview section of the chapter.  

Additional Features

Chapter Icons

Within each chapter of Benefits Plus you will find different icons highlighting information.  These include: 

Refer to: This indicates additional information is found in another chapter within Benefits Plus.   You will be told the section, the chapter, and the primary header where you can find the information.  Occasionally we may also provide the secondary header and tertiary header as well. 


Advocacy Tip: Practical tips to help the advocate resolve complicated issues when working with a local government benefit program or housing program.   


Case Example: Case examples that illustrate complex concepts and budgeting procedures.


Note: Items to keep in mind or to highlight an exception to a rule.


Caution: A warning alerting you to potential consequences of a particular action.


Don't Forget: A reminder alerting you to an important principle as you work with government agencies.


Court Case: Court cases, often class action suits, to help your client if in a particular situation.


Related Web Links: A cross reference to web addresses outside of Benefits Plus.  These are live links, clicking on them will open up to that website. 

Print this Page

Located on the upper right hand side of each page in the chapter, this will allow you to print the page.  

Note: Because the functions on individual printers are different you may have to adjust the setting so the page(s) you want printed is the one that actually is printed, otherwise you may unintentionally print the entire section of the chapter. 


View Entire Chapter

Located on the upper right hand side of the webpage, this will allow you to view the whole chapter instead of section by section. 

Hide Right Column

Located on the upper right hand side of the webpage, this will remove the Table of Contents for a wider view of Benefits Plus.  When you click on it again, it will open up to the Table of Contents.

Increase Font Size

Located on the upper right hand side of the webpage, this will allow you to increase the font size up to three times, which will allow easier viewing. 


We value your feedback.  This feature is only available to subscribers.  Located on the far right hand side of the webpage, this will allow you to communicate with us alerting us to information in Benefits Plus that is incorrect or outdated,    missing information, or if you have any useful advocacy tips, notes, etc. 

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