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…of one of the most popular online tool for advocates in NYC -    Benefits Plus!!

What can I see on this tour?

This tour will take you to the Overview section of each chapter in Benefits Plus.   The Overview gives you a history of the program, who has administrative oversight , as well as a brief description of the  program, who qualifies and how to apply.   While you will not have access to the entire chapter, you will be able to view the chapter's table of contents.   You will be able to view as many chapters as you want during this tour.

How do I begin the tour? 

1)   Click on the red icon with the "+" sign next to one of the categories listed under the "Table of Contents", located to the right.  You will be able to see all the chapters listed under that category. 

2)  Click on the red icon with the  "+"sign next to the chapter you would like to view.  The chapter's table of contents will come up. 

3)  Click on the "Overview" section.   

NOTE:  If you click on another section in that chapter, you will be brought to the end of the tour. 

4)  If you want to view another chapter, click on  the "Up to Table of Contents" link. 

What do I do if I want to read an entire chapter in Benefits Plus?

If you want access to the entire chapter, you must subscribe or you may want to take the free 30 day trial run.

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