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How do I subscribe to Benefits Plus?

The only way to subscribe to Benefits Plus is online. There are two different types of accounts you can subscribe to. You can subscribe as an individual subscriber or a custom package subscriber. The choice is up to you! Subscribe Now.

What is the difference between an individual and a custom package subscriber?

An individual subscriber is a single subscriber to Benefits Plus, regardless of whether that individual pays for the subscription themselves or whether the agency s/he works for pays for the subscription.

A custom package subscriber is more than one subscriber (typically an agency) who purchases access for multiple users to Benefits Plus.

Click here to view subscription page. 

How long will it take to receive access Benefits Plus

This will depend on whether you pay for Benefits Plus by credit card or by check.

Payment with Credit Card

Subscriptions purchased by credit card will receive access to Benefits Plus once the payment transaction is successfully processed. This includes custom package subscribers.

Payment with Check

Subscriptions purchased by check will receive an invoice via e-mail to be submitted with payment. Once we receive payment, we will activate your account. You will receive an e-mail confirming your access. Note: Checks received without an invoice will delay processing your request.

Activation for Custom Package Subscribers 

Upon receiving access to Benefits Plus, an account manager (the person who signed up for the subscription) will have to ensure that all staff have access to the Benefits Plus.  The Benefits Plus Learning Center does not take any responsibility in the timeliness of this task. 

Is there a way  to see a preview of what is in Benefits Plus before I subscribe to it?

Yes, you can have a free trial run of Benefits Plus for 30 days.  Click here for Free Trial Run

In addition, you can "Take a Tour" which gives you access to portions of Benefits Plus (see next question)

Can I access a portion of Benefits Plus without a subscription 

The Overview section of each chapter is available at no cost to every visitor of the site.  The Overview provides background information, as well as funding sources, and a summary of the program or service.  All other sections of a chapter will only be available to those who subscribe to Benefits Plus.  Click on Take a Tour, to gain access to the Overview section of any of Benefits Plus' chapters. 

In addition to the Overview section of each chapter there are benefit tools available at no cost to any individual who visits our site.  These tools include a SNAP (Food Stamp) calculator, Consumer Benefit Brochures, Financial Eligibility Charts, Documentation Guide, the U.S. Federal Poverty Levels, and more.  Click here for our benefit tools.

How is Benefits Plus organized? 

Benefits Plus is separated into 9 different sections by subject matter: Advocacy, Cash Benefits, Employment and Training, Food Programs, Health Programs, Housing Programs and Services, Immigrants Rights and Services, Support Services, and Tax Credits.  Each chapter provides a description of the benefit, explains who qualifies, how to apply and recertify for the benefit/program, how to appeal agency decisions, and government and advocacy contacts, and more.

Subscribers: Can view "Chapter Index" to view all chapters available. 

Non-Subscribers:  Click Take a Tour or Free Trial Run to find out more about Benefits Plus

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password see below the subscriber log-in box and click on “Forgot your password?”. Follow the instructions and your password will be sent to you via e-mail. If you continue to experience problems Contact Us.

What if I want to change my password?

To change your password, go to My Account located on the subscriber page, upper tab.  Click on “Account Information” and change your password.    

What if the agency moves and I need to change personal information?

To change any personal information, go to My Account located on the subscriber page, upper tab.  Click on “Personal Information” and make any necessary changes. 

What if I am having technical difficulties with the site?

If you are experiencing problems accessing Benefits Plus, go to the Contact Us tab above to let us know.

What if I find incorrect information in Benefits Plus, how can this get corrected?

We try our best to maintain Benefits Plus and ensure that the information is current, accurate and useful.  If during the course of your use of Benefits Plus you discover outdated or incorrect information we would appreciate your feedback.  After logging into your account, use the “Feedback” function, located on the subscriber’s welcome page, and let us know your concerns.

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